Well hello there babes, I am back and here to stay this time! For those of you who are like what are you talking about, I used to have a little blog when I first graduated from college in May of 2018. I have always had such a passion and love for writing, seriously, it was my highest grade always in school growing up, my friends and family tell me I am pretty good at it, and lets just say it was most definitely my highest score on my SAT and ACTs (and for those who do not know, that is the least important score lol).

Anyways, my name is Rose Marie Crombie and I am soon to be twenty five years old, woah that is so weird to say/type. I swear i’m still twenty one figuring out what the heck I am going to do after college and dancing. So, a little background, I grew up a competitive dancer and took that passion to the University of Louisville where I completed my undergrad and was on the dance team. It was an amazing four years, full of experiences, fun, craziness, championships, and even a tv show (we will get into that later). I graduated with a degree in communications with a concentration in sociology and marketing with little to no clue what I wanted to do. All  I knew was that I loved being creative, helping others, social media, health, fitness, beauty, decor, etc.

I ended up joining Arbonne International a few months post college graduation before I began my 9-5 position, and absolutely fell in love with every ounce of the company. Again, I will save all the details for other posts so I don’t throw it all at you at once, but needless to say, Arbonne totally transformed my life the last few years and I am beyond grateful for that. (results are different for everyone, nothing is guaranteed please go to earnings.arbonne.com for more details).

So the reason I decided to come back to my blogging platform is for a few reasons…

  • One, the passion for writing that I have always had which I mentioned above.
  • Two, I was asked a few weeks ago what my hobby is? Or what my passion is? Growing up automatically the answer was dance, and when that came to an end Arbonne definitely became a passion of mine. However, throughout this whole quarantine process, I can definitely say I have realized I lack a hobby, something to do when the work is done and Ryan is out golfing. 
  • Third, I absolutely love connecting with others and sharing my favorite finds, health tips, fitness journey, skincare hacks, recipes, journey in arbonne, advice, new abode journey and decor (a huge love of mine), and all of the rundown in between.
  • Fourth, I wanted a place to connect deeper than instagram can do, and to me I think this is the way. I can express myself more intimately, look back at in depth times in my life by utilizing this outlet as an escape for me, and most importantly create a place to grow and connect and hopefully add fun and value to your life and days!

There will be all sorts of fun on here, and please give me all the ideas! From videos, to tutorials, to advice, to this new home journey, to shopping savvy, styling on a budget, I am here to give it to you raw real and authentically me. Stay tuned for giveaways, collaborations, and more. See you back here in a week ..and that is the r u n d o w n  <3

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