Our little Rinny Roo

Our little Rinny Roo!

 As I sit and write this post I am snuggling up with my little four-legged furry best friend! Honestly I call him my little boyfriend because he truly is the cutest and snuggliest little hunk.

I probably get asked one of the top three most things on my Instagram is about our little pup. I have been a dog lover since I can remember and was absolutely in love with my childhood dog Angel, and knew that I couldn’t wait for the time in my life when I was able to have my very own!

Ryan can totally vouch for me on this when I say the amount of times I have had puppy fever since the time we started dating and lots of times before is uncountable and I wanted to pull the trigger so many times, but I knew I had to be in the right place to give the dog the best life that he or she deserved.

 Throughout the time when I wish I had a dog but I didn’t, I did a lot of research on different temperaments and different breeds that I wanted and that would work best for the space and time in life that I would be out when I would get a dog. Meaning like, I didn’t want a large dog if I was living in an apartment and or traveling, and I definitely wanted hypoallergenic because growing up with that and with my OCD/cleanliness, I don’t think I could deal with a shedding dog (even though they are such cute pups).

Anyways I knew for about two years that I was that on having a cavapoo or cavoodle some call it . So yes, that is what Rin is, a Cavapoo for those asking, so he is half a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed with a Mini Poodle. Everyone asks if he is a mini cavapoo, and the answer is no we just think he is the runt of his litter because he is a little teeny tiny skinny monkey pod (yes ryan and I have hundreds of crazy nicknames for him too lol).

We picked out Rin, and took him home October 5th of 2019, and that is an adventure in itself. During this time Ryan was in basketball season so he wasn’t able to come and get Rin with me, as all the way out in my hometown in Pennsylvania. Sooo, I went on a few flights, rented a car, drove an hour, and picked up my little guy, the turned around and we flew home all in the same day (so to say that that is why I think Rin is a really great traveler and flyer I think it is because he really had no choice but to love it from the get go).

Flash forward, now he is over a year old and is fully grown…the vet said he may fill out 1 to 2 more pounds but he is about 14 1/2 pounds right now. And I think ¾’s of his body is his long lanky legs. Ryan and I, and some of our friends laugh that he has the Kendall Jenner body, and I wish he got his genes from me but I can definitely say he DID NOT…but I’m jealous of my dogs body type LOL!

Rin has the absolute best temperament, and we did all we could prior to training him to ensure this. When we were picking out, talking, and discussing with the breeder on FaceTime and through some different videos, we were certain that we wanted a docile laid back and not the alpha male of the litter. We also both grew up with boy dogs, so that was our decision on the boy dog.

Rin is the calmest, sweetest, most gentle pup ever. And we are so thankful, because he still has his crazy, funny, hilarious personality, and can get down and rough when he’s playing with Ryan or I or dogs or anything like that.  But, he is not aggressive with food, toys, and is not very much of a barker at all…unless he feels in danger (but after we tell him that it’s okay he doesn’t bark anymore) which we are very proud of that, we’ve worked on that hard and our trainer also helped us with that.

Out little guy is so funny, and has so many quirks about him that I could go on and on but that is basically the general story of Rin as an introduction. I  will most definitely get into different details as far as his training, eating, his personality more, and all that fun stuff.

 But for starters, I just wanted to introduce him because he truly makes Ryan and I complete, and he is the BEST decision we ever made! So if you are in a place that you can give a pop the love and attention that he/she deserves, and are financially stable enough to so (I can share but but basically recommend having an extra couple hundred bucks every single month set for the dog) especially in the first year with veterinarian exams, shots, neutering, finding out the best toys, treats, etc…then absolutely GO FOR IT! There are so many people that told us don’t get the dog, ex: it’s so much stress, too much work, it’ll cause tension in the relationship, and it’s done nothing but the opposite for us. 

He truly is the best thing ever, I always tell him “Rinny, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, other than your daddy”! Rin and I are sending love your ways, that is all for now this guy needs a walk!

Drop your questions to me on here, email, instagram, and I can make sure to get to them! && that is the rundown!

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