Skin; lets glow places

SKIN, the best or worst thing depending on its mood right 😉

Let’s open up this subject by just saying I get it, everyone’s skin is different, and we all have different needs, target areas, goals, etc.

I think that is so important to remember in anything, whether it be something I use or another person you see sharing something, that if a product others love does not work for you that is okay.

I straight up used to not have any sort of skin care regime or really do much face self care, but I am the opposite now because I have really learned and done my research over the last few years. That is definitely thanks to arbonne (which alot of you may know about my story or journey, or lots about my arbonne business, I will share all of that forsure), but that isn’t the focus here today!

Clean beauty and taking care of your skin is so important to me now, so I hope if even one person reads this or takes something out of it that I did my job! So anyways, like I was saying my skincare routine didn’t really exist until after college, and my mom was never too fond of that lol.  She always was telling me to take care of skin while I was young, and thankfully I never really had troublesome skin. But, I would just run to my local Walgreens and grab the cheapest or most well known brand of a cleanser I could find!

However, now I know how important it is. Turning 25 I know my skin is already aging, as is everyone else’s. I love arbonne in its entirety, and am so thankful for the education and products they have produced with lots of nature and scientific testing and research. I use a wide variety of arbonne’s skin care products, because they are vegan, cruelty free, and are made with next level ingredients.

I also think it is important for others to know that diet and nutrition plays such a huge role in our skin. 

I figured I would round up a few quick tips…

  1. Drink lots of water (i suggest 100oz a day).
  1. Get into a skincare routine based on your skin needs, if you are interested in arbonne skin care please message me and i’d be more than happy to set you up with a line of clean plant based skin care that can work best for your skin.
  1. Drink a collagen builder daily! I swear by arbonne’s hyaluronic acid skin elixir collagen builder (it is so good for the skin glow which we all want right;))
  1. Do your research on what is in the products you are using, and message me again if you need help with that because I had no idea prior to arbonne either.
  1. Find out if your skin has breakouts or reactions with certain food types, ex: for me limiting sugar and dairy is huge for my skin!!
  1. To each their own, but I would rather spend my money on a beauty tool, product, or facial rather than an outfit, because I know now more than ever it is important to take care of our skin and we aint getting rid of our faces lol

I will get into details more on what some of the self care, face tools, facials I use/get, and more as we go! But I wanted to start off by saying that we all deserve to be confident in our skin and take care of it while we’re young! It is never ever ever too early (and you’ll never regret it down the road)

&& that’s the rundown,

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