Holy Goals

Let’s talk about goal setting and intentions!
 This is something that I’ve definitely grown into in the last few years, but I’ve always been a goal oriented and organized planner type of person LOL just ask Ryan , I am sure he can 150,000,000% confirm that (hopefully I have rubbed off on him a little bit in our last four years)! Anyways, I plan on talking about this subject a decent amount if you all enjoy it, because it is something that I use a lot in my life and if I can help one person then it’s definitely worth sharing.
We have the new year approaching, and I am someone who loves goals, but not only goals for the overall new year. I am not even going to talk much on yearly goals, rather talk about daily, weekly, and even monthly goals. As I’m writing this, it is halfway through the month, and this subject to write on came to mind because I was sharing with one of my team members about checking in on yourself. It is important to be very honest with yourself as you look at yourself in the mirror, and one certain thing for certain, is if in your life you want to hit certain goals, your work ethic has to match it. And so observing and seeing how you can grow and where you can pick up slack and lack thereof, is crucial for growth. 
Something that I do halfway through every single month, is I look at where I want to be and what the goals are that I set for the beginning of the month and how I’m doing with them. Like I said sometimes it’s not always easy, to have the realization and honesty  with yourself that you’ve been slacking or procrastinating or making up excuses or whatever it is (remember tho, we’re human and it happens), but it’s important to see where you’re not showing up so you can grow in that area to get closer to where you want to be and that’s truly the only way that you’re going to ever get that goal to become a reality in your life.
The reason I say that is because so many times we have the vision, we have the dreams, we have the goals, that is the easy fun part. However, we’re not willing to look and figure out where we’re lacking, or where the gap is. The key is to find diligent, tangible day steps to take daily,  so we can work on growing into them.
Meaning for example, I had a goal this month, to make sure I took my daily green gut glow shot, and for some reason I have been taking it for years perfectly and the past couple months I’ve been very inconsistent with it. I knew that I had to make sure to have a time that I was going to do it (was it going to be before my workout? was it going to be after? etc.) and it sounds so silly but those little things make a big difference and if that’s a goal that’s important to you, you have to plan it out, with the logistics, and obviously this is a very surface level goal.
I really think that the little things help me take advantage of my time. Obviously I am my own boss so I have to be diligent. I have to be self motivated, and I have to plan my days out by the hour so I’m not wasting time and I’m continuing to reach towards where I want to be and go. 
So with a new year approaching, I really wanted to encourage you all to make goals for yourself, big and little; job wise, friend wise, personal, health related, all in between.
 I’ll get into sharing more as we go but I wanted to make this one more surface level, to share a little glimpse into how I tackle goals. With the new year upon us, go ahead and big goals, set big visions, and promise to yourself that you’re going to stay looking in the mirror on how you can grow and how you can inspire other people. It’s important that you actually show up and commit to it, and look at how you can adjust and fit it in. Also be sure to remember, sometimes going 0 to 100 it’s just not viable…so what are little things you can do every day that can turn into bigger things every single week and every single month?! It is about really really looking into the bigger picture on how it’s going to be, and then recognizing when you slacked because like I said we are human and you cannot expect yourself to be perfect machines/robots every single day. If you keep yourself on track, keep looking in the mirror,and keep pushing yourself you’re going to get to where you want to GO.
And remember every day, we are either moving forward or backward toward our goals,  I heard that in a book I read recently, that we are objects in motion so every day the actions we do or don’t take are either propelling us forward or back and that really stuck with me. The reason so many people’s New Year’s resolutions are never hit, is because 99% of people aren’t willing to do the work that it takes, and to be completely honest sometimes people from the outside, friends, family from the inside, don’t understand the work it takes. But listen to me, if it means something to you and you want something for your life, like I said I can be big or small, just really think through how you’re going to do it, why you’re going to do it, and how you’re going to stick to it, and how you’re going to grow through it too. So cheers to a new year and I can’t wait to dive more into the subject.

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