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I am sitting writing this blog in our new living room! If you follow me on Instagram you know that we have already moved into our home, but because I knew it would be super duper crazy all the blogs that I have released up until this point we’re written before hand so I am so excited to have our new space to inspire me to help me be creative and to share my thoughts with you guys and add value to your life in some way shape or form. Today is a light subject of value, but it is something that I’m highly requested for and I’m also super passionate about…it is definitely close to my heart because we just moved into our home so I am going to get right into it!

My goal with this blog is to help each and every one of you guys through my experience find your home “style”. Trust me I am not an expert, but I am going to use what has worked for me. So many people ask me what my style is for our home and I’m gonna be completely honest…I don’t have it down to a T and I think that is more than OKAY. You don’t have to fall under one certain category of home design or style decor that you like. I’m going to give you guys a few really quick and easy ways that you can help find your style and the best advice I can give you off the bat is if something speaks to you, or you like it grab it…especially if it’s something that’s vintage/ one of a kind thrift item (maybe feels a little bit different or outside of your color zone) that is okay it will help elevate and take your house into a home while also make it super unique to you and your family.


So some of the things that I do that really help me nail down my style are the apps Instagram and Pinterest. I have recently also gotten into collecting different home design books and I can definitely link a few down below here if you are interested because they make for great decor but they’re also really inspirational!

When searching on Instagram, something that I would do is if you are really into a certain type of style or color scheme that you know you really want to run with as the core colors or feel of your house, search that title in in the section on instagram. When you like it, there is a little save section to the right of every single photo it kind of looks like a little book mark! I’m sure you guys already know that, but hey if you don’t I wanted to make sure you now know lol!  From there you can go into all of your saved posts and specify the ones that all coordinate to home decor style build etc., and make a separate category away from your fashion, quotes, beauty, saved photos too.  So then when the time comes you can go back and see all the inspiration you have, and one cool part to that is that nowadays everything is either a direct shoppable link or gives you the company or link to shop this item.

I know for me this can be a blessing and a curse one because I can end up mindlessly shopping, and I try very very hard to stay within budget and reason between what Ryan and I have decided for whatever project or home or thing we are doing at that moment in time. But more often than not a lot of these items that you’re going to see on Instagram or high profile pages are going to be very expensive..so you can pick and choose what you want to invest in or maybe you’re not in a position to be spending thousands of dollars on an item (trust me Ryan and I had to pick and choose what we thought was worth investments and where to save money and cut corners) so when I want or need to be, I am the queen finding some thing that I love and then looking around and finding ways to make it more affordable. When you have something in mind, say it is a carpet, you can go on like to know what app, or Google, or any other app and start to shop on some homesites that you like and find different ways to save money and find something more cost friendly.


I know for me I also do the same thing on Pinterest with savings and boards, and have a Pinterest board that is home inspiration one particularly, However, I sometimes break it down into different categories from your kitchen to shelving, to your makeup vanity, whatever it may be! I just want you guys to know first and foremost, it will never look just like the Pinterest board or Instagram folder that you like, or design studio McGee catalog, and THAT IS OKAY you don’t want it to! What you want, is for it to be you, unique and have your own style to it.


So I know for me I love a neutral color palette scheme, and more often than not I love a warm tone so undertones of tan, beige, oranges, terra-cottas, sage greens, etc. rather than cooler tones of grays, blues, pinks etc. Here and there I love having pops of black to build accent & depth. I also love changing different textures, and personally feel variety makes for that perfect livable cozy chic home vibe. So I have my “base”, but then I love having a little tiny touches of maybe a reclaimed piece of wood, maybe something that is a little bit antique, but also attach a little bit of farmhouse, but I also love having to clean industrial earthy scandinavian vibe (catching my drift that I like bits and pieces of it all lol). I don’t want to go too far in one direction…I love having a clean neutral home, and then choose to add pops of warmth, color, and maybe antique vintage pieces that have warmth and tones in different colors/texture to allow your home to avoid being not so sterile flat or one style.


So when you’re going to renovate or decorate a space giving it time the biggest and best thing you can in my opinion! Buy a piece try out if you don’t love it, return it! If you’re out of the store and see something that is so cool and maybe it doesn’t go perfectly with what you’re looking for, I’m gonna always suggest that you just grab it you can find a place for it and it’s really going to help elevate your space like I said to make it unique, lived in, earthy homey, and just give you that clean but really warm home feel if that makes sense LOL (it’s kind of hard to find objectives and adjectives to really describe the home building and interior designing).

So between shopping and trying out different styles and colors schemes, to searching those key words on websites, books, Pinterest, and Instagram…you will slowly fall in love with your space. From there, just use your love and know that your home is your home for a reason and you can do with it whatever you please. Whether it be adding a different textures ( linen, vintage, cane, wood, or cement) I’m all these different materials, all of these little things are total preference but what I find are really going to add a different layer and texture to your home. Allow your home to speak to you, to really find its unique character to it, while also still be cohesive in the same sense. So stay within reason, but also add different.

I am definitely still in the home decorating process but those are different things that helped me in the process of deciding what direction we wanted to go with on our home. Just remember that it shouldn’t be perfect, it shouldn’t be exactly like something you saw online! Be bold, add your touch, stay true to you, and love the house for you. Hopefully you guys loved this post and found it helpful in some way!

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