Louisville Date Night (Restaurant Edition):

Hi babes! This one is for my local gals trying to come up with fun date nights, in particular on this blog for restaurants around louisville! I didn’t realize when I started writing this how hard it would be to narrow it down, but I’m honestly going to share the top10 as of now that Ryan and I go to, or bring people to when we have guests in town!

I wanted to include a few different reasons why we love each place, cause I know each date night has a different vibe for that day…so let’s get right into it.

There is nothing better than looking forward to some good food with your boo, it gets me through my weeks! Whether it’s ordering pizza in, going somewhere local, getting fancy and dolled up, or want some bomb ass drinks lol 😉 

  • Sarino: favorite local spot, fresh Italian food, absolutely amazing staff
  • Jeff Ruby’s: special occasion, fancy local steakhouse, you wont leave hungry or disappointed ($$$)
  • Fat Jimmy’s: stay in with pizza, local spot with some absolutely BOMB pies
  • La Bodeguita de Mima: amazing cuban food and vibe, such a fun time
  • Havana Rumba: best margs and drinks, always bumping (fun for birthdays)
  • Bar Vetti: such a fun modern vibe, great happy hour deals, Italian style foods
  • Blind Squirrel / The Champagnery: so good for drinks (Blind Squirrel isn’t fancy, Champagnery is fancier)
  • Steak & Bourbon: moody ambiance and amazing food/drinks, fancy without breaking the bank entirely
  • Agave and Rye: long waits but so yummy, huge filling tacos and more Mexican options
  • Swizzle: atmosphere and view are phenomenal, amazing food options (good variety)  

I could go on for days, seriously Louisville has some great foodie spots, and great ambiences for ya girl 😉

Let me know if you try any of these spots, or any good ones I should know of so ryan and I can check it out next date night, maybe even for this week’s date night!! Be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and feel free to email/comment/or dm me ideas, comments, suggestions! I hope you enjoyed this requested topic!

&& thats the rundown!

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