5 Spring Trends I’m Into

Every single year we know there are a lot of trends that come and go. I wanted to share with you guys today a quick easy blog about five spring trends that I can get behind! Not going to lie, sometimes trends pop up and I am totally not into it…but these are a few that really fit my vibe that I’m definitely going to incorporate into my life and looks this spring season.

Let me know some of the trends you are loving, and if you are passing or buying on even the five that I mentioned here! All right let’s get right into it…

1.PASTEL GREEN: I have been loving this color and honestly was very inspired by shades of green, more on the earthy sage side for our home, so I am totally behind this. I do love the pastel themes coming back in to play! Not sure I’m totally behind mixing all of them, you know I love my neutral pallet, but this green color I can definitely get behind!

2. SCARF BANDANA: I have always loved rocking the bandana scarf over my head, so I can easily buy into this vibe for the more Amelia Earhart vibes style! I think this needs to be strategically placed with the right look and outfit to be pulled off!

3. FUNKY NAILS: Funky nails has always been a win in my book! I love having FUN on my nails and taking risks! Honestly, I used to get a little judged for rocking “funky crazy nails”, but I’m loving that it is so common now, so a YES for me!

4. PLATFORM MULES: Chunky platform mules are something I’ve been recently incorporating into my style, and I’m SO into it! They are so fashionable, and add such a fun look to complete your outfit! && might I add WAY more comfortable than heels…sign me up!!

5. CUT OUT DRESSES: The cut out dress is one that was up in the air for me at first TBH. I haven’t bought any myself yet, so I can’t say I necessarily will rock it this season. But, the way I have seen some put looks together I am on board. I think you can complete the fit accordingly, so it still comes across chic/trendy, and not tacky/inappropriate.

Okay ladies and gents, let me hear your thoughts! Are you buying or passing these looks this spring season?! And as always send me any suggestions for future content and looks!

&& thats the rundown!

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