Morning Routine

what is your favorite morning routine?!

here’s how most days start for me, and some tips to help you create small habits, so in return you can have happy productive days (cause those are the best days right??).

1. hug kiss & cuddle my boys

I love starting my day reminding myself of my reason why I do what I do every single day, and why I want to work hard and be better. also, slowly give myself a few minutes before getting into my day with cuddles and love is huge for my heart.

2. get myself out of bed & when my feet hit the ground say “thank you”

I learned this from my good friend, and it has been so helpful for me to start my day positively and with abundance and sense of gratitude. Thanking the Lord that I woke up healthy again, and have another day.

3. make a tizzy or protein coffee and look over my to do list for the day

I believe taking time to have your healthy morning routine and recap on all you want to accomplish for the day without being insanely rushed or hectic is key to a mindset that concurs and is productive throughout the day. I enjoy my clean energy, and remind myself of what I am going to tackle, as well as when and how that day.

4. clean up and tidy the house, throw in a load of laundry

Who doesn’t love a clean space? I usually clean up every night before bed as well, but making sure all the blankets are folded, the countertops are wiped down, dishes are away, and I have a clean clean space makes my brain function better I swear!! Anyone else?! Also, I love throwing in a load of laundry to start the day to keep up with it throughout the week, instead of having tons at the end or beginning of each week.

5. do my morning skin/beauty routine (don’t forget your SPF)

Take time to take care of yourself, investing in skin care and beauty products that allow you to keep the one body you’ve been given healthy and thriving, is so key for optimal self care and happiness. Get into a habit of doing this daily, and find out what routine and products work best for you, and what you’re doing throughout the day!

6. speak my affirmations on the way to move by body with exercise

Lastly this, but to me the most important. Affirmations, positive talk, and prayers aloud has been a game changer for me. I read personal development books daily and without a doubt, this subject is recommended in every single book. It may seem silly or feel weird, but DO IT. Speak aloud who you are, where you want to be, where you are in five years, manifest that ISH!! It sets a tone of wanting to be productive, but also being thankful, grateful, and eager to move your stone one step closer to your goals with the day you have ahead of you. I do this on the way to my workout, which is my last point…to exercise and move your body. Movement is medicine Y’ALL. The days I don’t work out I feel the difference, I’m not perfect nor always want to exercise, but I commit to it at least 4 days a week and I’ve never once met a workout I regretted. It’s an amazing feeling, and leaves you full of endorphins afterwards with the entire day ahead of you!

Share some of the tips you do to have a productive morning! Habit setting and consistency helps me continue to have positive energy and a determined attitude every single day!

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