Top 5 EASY Healthy Go-To Dinners: 

Life is hectic and busy, I get it! Figuring out what to cook for dinner is one of the worst first world problems of adulthood right 😉 

I love sharing what I make on my Instagram because I’m always looking for ideas too! I love to cook healthy, but in a way that isn’t super bland and boring! So I figured I would round up a few of my favorite go to meals that I cook during the week! Sometimes I get fancy and try new things, but these are SO easy and don’t take a lot of time which is even more of a plus for me! Let’s get into it….

  1. 1. Healthy Ziti 

Sauté one cup of onions on skillet w EVOO

Add in garlic salt pepper and ground turkey

Once browned add in box of pasta (banza)

Pour in jar of spaghetti sauce (raos)

And 3/4 of the jar refilled with water into pan

Cover and let simmer for 20mins

Turn oven on to broil

Add cheese (dairy free for me) and put in oven for 3-4 mins 

Can always swap noodle for spaghetti squash (we do that sometimes when we want less carb) 

2. Mexican Lasagna

Ground turkey in a skillet with EVOO

Add in 1/2 packet of taco seasoning and jar of salsa (usually use Farmers Whole Foods brand) once the turkey is fully cooked

Simmer for 10 mins 

Preheat oven to 400

Base your glass dish with EVOO

Lay down two flour tortillas (I use siete)

Lay half of the turkey meat down

Add in 3/4 can of drained black beans 

Top with two more tortilla

More meat and beans



Top with cheese 

Cook for about 25 mins 

Top with avocado 

  1. 3. Ground Turkey with Roasted Veggies, Rice, and Sauce

Ground turkey with EVOO salt and pepper

Add in garlic and onion powder 

Prepare brown rice of choice

Roast any veggie in oven at 375 degrees with EVOO and seasonings for about 10-15 mins

Throw it all in a bowl and add a dressing of choice (we usually do a Primal Kitchen or Tesse Mae’s)

  1. 4. Salad and Fries 

Lettuce combination (usually do romaine and kale)

Chop up veggies including:


Red onions






Sauté and cook a lean meat in skillet with seasonings of choice

Preheat oven to packaged fries label ( we always do sweet potato)

After lettuce is cleaned and prepared, add into big bowl

Add in the veggies

Add in things like (toasted almonds, chick peas, etc)

Thrown meat into the salad bowl

Add in basil oregano season salt 

Top with dressing of choice with fries on side

  1. 5. Chicken Fried Rice 

Start with a skillet and your ground chicken 

Sauté with EVOO salt and pepper

Prepare brown rice while it is cooking 

We use frozen pea and carrot combo to make this even easier 

As the chicken is cooked and browned

Drain and return to skillet

Add in rice 

Add in coconut amino acids 

Stir and let it cook and simmer in

Add in cooked frozen veggies and more amino acids 

Clear small opening in skillet and crack in two eggs

Let the eggs cook and scramble

Mix around and serve

We serve with a healthy “yum yum” sauce we buy at Kroger too 

I’m not a chef, nor an expert, but these are a variety of some of the meals I cook that are healthy yummy and easy!! Let me know if you enjoyed this blog and if you make any of the meals XO!

&& thats the rundown!

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