How I Asked My Bridesmaids;

Wedding planning has officially begun! I am so excited to keep you guys in the loop throughout this entire exciting and magical process!

If you are coming to this blog post from my Instagram, you saw that over the last few weeks I officially and successfully completed my bridesmaids proposals!

I had so much fun with this process, and it seems like the feedback that I’ve gotten so far that you guys also loved how it came together! I wanted to make sure that it was very on board with who I am, my aesthetic, and a little bit into a glimpse of what I think the vibe of the wedding will be! I also wanted to make sure that I was unique, and put together something that I thought was special and had thought behind it!

So a little background story, the song Friends by Ella Henderson, I first heard it probably a year or so ago, and for some reason it just really connected to me and was kind of my friend theme song since that time! I remember thinking when I was listening to it one time, that I wanted to incorporate this song some way shape or form into the way I asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding one day! Well flash forward now that I am engaged…I found the perfect and super special way to incorporate it into this box!

If you know me you know I am all into aesthetic’s, but also into sentimental and unique things! So I wanted to make sure that this box entailed all that! I also wanted the girls who I asked to be in my wedding to feel very special, and also know that I took time in the way that I asked them! I wanted it to be a full experience…so by incorporating the QR code that played the song Friends by Ella Henderson while they were reading the cards and looking through the box was the key to this success! For everyone that I got to ask in person, almost every single one of them teared up (so I think that was mission accomplished)!

I love that I gave them something to do in order to say yes, which was the cookie with a yes or no on it! In the notes I wrote in the cards I put the words “bite the cookie with your reply ;)) So that made it really fun and interactive! They then, also have the card as a memory, as well as the picture frame that they can put and take anywhere with them so they remember this experience, journey, and chapter in our lives together!

Here are the links for everything;


Packaging Stickers


Itunes Photo Template

Picture Frame

Tissue Paper

Crinkle Cut Paper

Dried Plants & Stems



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