5 Things I Do To Help Get Myself Out of a Funk:

We all go through phases where one week we are on top of the world and on track to hit every goal we have, and the next were struggling to wake up to get through the minimum musts of the day…waiting for the minute it is time for bed or a drink…so here are a few things I like to do when I find myself in a funk;


Working out is always the best for me mentally! I truly don’t workout just for the physical results, but for the endorphins and structure and clarity it gives my days! Moving my body releases so much stress anxiety tension etc, and always allows me for a better day after it! Don’t overestimate just getting outside and doing a walk, for so long I felt like the only way to truly exercise or workout was a full gym or workout class which is so far from the truth, a walk outside is a beautiful way to exercise and nature always makes me happier and grounded.

2. Lists & Schedules 

I usually find myself in a funk when I’m overwhelmed with so many things and subjects of things to do/ focus on etc. in my life! Whether it be work, travel, relationship, wedding planning, house tasks, dog momma duties, personal life, etc! I have found that creating a schedule and system for myself, helps keeps me accountable and on track! Don’t get me wrong there are days where I’m far off my schedule, but it still allows me clarity and focus! With this I also have a master list for each category in my life, and usually plan my day to allow myself to hit one thing with top priority on that list!

3. Self-care  

I think this one is a simple clear one…but sometimes when we are busy it falls in the cracks!! Sleep in one day, remember to do your skin care routines morning and evening, set time to get into a bubble bath, do a face and or hair mask, and just enjoy relaxing and taking care of yourself! When I take care and prioritize self care I am always a better me in every other aspect of my life!

4. Get off my phone

Super hard one for me to do, but wow does it make a difference! I have been trying to be better & not look at my phone until post workout and also be off my phone by a certain time in the evening. I am not always great at this, but sometimes when I’m feeling in a funk or out of sync I know being off of social media and living my own life intentionally is the best answer! Social media is an amazing place, but it is can be draining sometimes, leaving you feeling like where you’re at in your life is never enough? Set the phone down, and be present and intentional in your own life!

5. Pray 

Listening to Christian worship music is so soothing for me mentally, and always bring me back to my core! Reading devotional, praying, going to church, and just talking to Ryan about faith and other avenues of our practices, reminds me what matters most in life!  Truly working on who He called me to be is what matters most, and that His plan is far better than this funk or mindset block I am having! To remind myself how grateful I am for the life I have and another day to live it!

By no means am I saying I have no funks or off times in my life, I’m actually struggling through a funk right now! So I felt this one was necessary to write about, hopefully it can help or bless one of you and to remind you, you are not alone! At all, ever! 

A few things I love to help me get out of funks:

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Face masks:





Couples devotional:


&& thats the rundown!

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