My Top 2021 Christmas Wish List:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! I am in love with this time of year, and all that it means & brings!

I know gift guides are everywhere right now, and I will absolutely make some for next weeks blog post, but for this week I thought I would share with you all a few of the top things I put on my Christmas list in case anyone is looking for inspiration!

Here are probably my top five (and a little random if I may add..I guess that’s just being 26)!

Bissell Green Machine; 

So if you’re here from my Instagram, you may have seen me borrow my friends Bissell Green Machine! We fell in love with it, and I decided I need that or the mop/sweeper version to have on hand for deeps clean of the furniture, rugs, chairs, spills, stains, etc.! Anyone over 23 I think would thoroughly enjoy this gift! Lol

Ultra Mini Ugg Boots;

I have been eyeing the Ultra Mini Ugg’s!! I made the silly mistake of throwing out my Ugg’s a few years ago, (WHY fml; I had so many), when they were so out of style…but now I’m in desperate need for a go to shoe in the winter!! Slip ons that are quick and casual to take Rin out, and to run errands!

Drew House Branded Hoodie;

Justin Bieber is my favorite, and so of course I want to rock his line of clothes, and I spend a lot of my time in hoodies and sweats so I know this would get amazing use!

Nike Blazer Mid Vintage; 

I have been wanting these shoes for SO long, and they never have my size in stock! It’s so frustrating, lol, because there have been so many times I have wanted to wear them with an outfit but no shoes physically to wear! So I’ll keep these on my list because I would love to get them whenever 7.5 comes back in stock!

Le Labo Perfume; 

I’ll thank my friend Arika for this one! I started loving Le Labo perfume a year or so ago, and have been using similar Sephora branded perfumes since then to make sure I liked the way they smelled on me! I would love to have this custom perfume, along side a more feminine smell in my bathroom to wear for different occasions! 

Okay so the list could go on and on and on, but those are some that came to my head right away! Happy shopping, and EARLY, because everything is taking so long 😉 


Ps; what is at the top of your lists this year? Let me be influenced and inspired…

&& thats the rundown!

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Working From Home Tips:

5 tips I have learned from working from home that have helped me stay on track and be productive!

One, let’s start off by saying have grace with yourself that not everyday will be as focused or as on as the last, but you’re human, and tomorrow is a new day!

  1. Time Block
  2. Designated Space for Work
  3. Take Breaks
  4. Inspiring Ambience
  5. Get Ready for Your Day 
  1. Time Blocking;

Time blocking has been my saving grace since working from home and I’ll be completely honest, like what I mentioned above, is that some days are better than others! However, I think if you have the capability in your day to figure out when you’re most inspired or focused and able to work best…to plan your day around that! Finding the priorities in your life and working to fit that stuff in first and foremost, and then planning the rest of your day around it has helped me a lot! For example; doing my business, having time for my relationship with Ryan and Rin, and focusing on my health and working out, are some of the top priorities in my every day life! I find that I usually work best in the morning, so I try to work in the morning! I also time-block my days while I’m working…setting different times to have intentional focus on exactly what I need to get done helps me have breaks and avoid mental capacity overloaded. It helps me from feeling burnt out, because I then can step away after I’ve done my different time blocking during my work focus and go change out the laundry, go sit and have a fizz with Rin or take him for a walk and not feel guilty, because it’s mapped into my day allowing me to have breaks and productivity without getting distracted by everything else going on in my life and in my house.

2. Have A Designated Spot To Work At;

I know not everyone has the ability to have an entire room set aside for their workspace, and up until we moved into this house at the end of January, neither did I. I just created a space by carving out and moving things around in our one bedroom very small 600 ft.² apartment to have a space that was mine. Without it, I felt like all my day was muddled together, the difference between letting loose on the couch, laying in bed, and working we’re all blending together. So invest in a small inexpensive desk and chair that you love from Hobby Lobby/ HomeGoods/ Amazon or Target, and find a place to put that in your bedroom or in your living space. Now you must know that when you’re sitting down at that spot, that means you are in “your office”, as well when you get up you now have that sort of escape out of it, so having that assigned space allows me to feel focused & the zone.

3. Take Breaks;

I kind of mentioned this one already in my time blocking tip which is definitely my most important and effective tip, but making sure that you don’t feel like you have to overwork yourself just because you are working from home, just know that there are many breaks in conversations and things that would happen in an office setting that don’t happen at home. Do not get me wrong, it is way easier in my personal opinion, to get distracted at home because you have so many other things going on in your mind and distractions around you. However, by putting in breaks to have some lunch, or do house chores, go do errands, get a workout in etc. it is going to allow for you to be fully in the moment that you have planned with work…knowing that your break is coming and that you don’t have to fry your brain for 56 hours straight; but like I said make sure you are being really intentional and productive with the time that you have allotted.

4. Create An Inspiring Ambience;

Ambience for productivity and working from home has been super helpful for me! I am a huge fan of vision boards, and making sure that I can see that every day while I’m working inspires me and reminds me why I am working every day…therefore I really encourage that you put it one or around your desk area that you have created for yourself. I also love decorating my space and always light a candle when I sit down to work, call me crazy, but the great smell and decor around me with a cozy blanket and comfortable chair (make sure you get a comfortable chair not one that hurt your back because then you’ll dry getting into it allows for you to feel like you’re ready to sit down) makes sitting down to work enjoyable. The environment is everything for me, oh and I also love putting on Christian or instrumental jazz music to comfort me, and allows me to have a clear mental headspace while I’m working.

5. Get Ready For Your Day

“Dress Well, Test Well”, that is the saying anyways right 😉 Last but not least tip, this is not something that I always do and by no means do you have to practice it every single day…but if you are working from home and it requires you to be on zoom meetings or to take content, getting yourself ready is helpful! Also, getting ready doesn’t have to mean full hair and make up, but getting yourself presentable in a semi-cute comfy outfit (beautiful thing now is that there’s so many sweatpants outfits are cute but still comfortable and practical) will allow you to feel more work and go mode. I swear when you do your skin care routine, and even fix up and brush your hair through LOL, it allows you to feel more productive and like you are getting yourself ready to go work. You’re going to be more motivated to do other things, maybe post some photos or get on zoom and work with some other friends, whatever your situation looks like for your workspace, but I have found that this helps me to feel more productive and more professional in my work setting from home

All of the steps are things that I have learned working from home the past few years, and like I said just practice and figure out what time works best for you to really really focus in on what needs to get done that day/week. The time blocking aspect allows me to focus on my priorities, be productive, and get things that I need to get done in every avenue of my life including my workspace!

Let me know if these tips are helpful for you, and I if you have any awesome tips I would love to hear them as well!

Links To Some Work From Home Musts For Me:

&& thats the rundown!

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Top 5 EASY Healthy Go-To Dinners: 

Life is hectic and busy, I get it! Figuring out what to cook for dinner is one of the worst first world problems of adulthood right 😉 

I love sharing what I make on my Instagram because I’m always looking for ideas too! I love to cook healthy, but in a way that isn’t super bland and boring! So I figured I would round up a few of my favorite go to meals that I cook during the week! Sometimes I get fancy and try new things, but these are SO easy and don’t take a lot of time which is even more of a plus for me! Let’s get into it….

  1. 1. Healthy Ziti 

Sauté one cup of onions on skillet w EVOO

Add in garlic salt pepper and ground turkey

Once browned add in box of pasta (banza)

Pour in jar of spaghetti sauce (raos)

And 3/4 of the jar refilled with water into pan

Cover and let simmer for 20mins

Turn oven on to broil

Add cheese (dairy free for me) and put in oven for 3-4 mins 

Can always swap noodle for spaghetti squash (we do that sometimes when we want less carb) 

2. Mexican Lasagna

Ground turkey in a skillet with EVOO

Add in 1/2 packet of taco seasoning and jar of salsa (usually use Farmers Whole Foods brand) once the turkey is fully cooked

Simmer for 10 mins 

Preheat oven to 400

Base your glass dish with EVOO

Lay down two flour tortillas (I use siete)

Lay half of the turkey meat down

Add in 3/4 can of drained black beans 

Top with two more tortilla

More meat and beans



Top with cheese 

Cook for about 25 mins 

Top with avocado 

  1. 3. Ground Turkey with Roasted Veggies, Rice, and Sauce

Ground turkey with EVOO salt and pepper

Add in garlic and onion powder 

Prepare brown rice of choice

Roast any veggie in oven at 375 degrees with EVOO and seasonings for about 10-15 mins

Throw it all in a bowl and add a dressing of choice (we usually do a Primal Kitchen or Tesse Mae’s)

  1. 4. Salad and Fries 

Lettuce combination (usually do romaine and kale)

Chop up veggies including:


Red onions






Sauté and cook a lean meat in skillet with seasonings of choice

Preheat oven to packaged fries label ( we always do sweet potato)

After lettuce is cleaned and prepared, add into big bowl

Add in the veggies

Add in things like (toasted almonds, chick peas, etc)

Thrown meat into the salad bowl

Add in basil oregano season salt 

Top with dressing of choice with fries on side

  1. 5. Chicken Fried Rice 

Start with a skillet and your ground chicken 

Sauté with EVOO salt and pepper

Prepare brown rice while it is cooking 

We use frozen pea and carrot combo to make this even easier 

As the chicken is cooked and browned

Drain and return to skillet

Add in rice 

Add in coconut amino acids 

Stir and let it cook and simmer in

Add in cooked frozen veggies and more amino acids 

Clear small opening in skillet and crack in two eggs

Let the eggs cook and scramble

Mix around and serve

We serve with a healthy “yum yum” sauce we buy at Kroger too 

I’m not a chef, nor an expert, but these are a variety of some of the meals I cook that are healthy yummy and easy!! Let me know if you enjoyed this blog and if you make any of the meals XO!

&& thats the rundown!

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Say hello to our first abode.

I figured this would be the perfect place to start especially because it is so close to my heart and I just could talk about this forever and ever and ever (LOL ask Ryan about it). Anyways I have had quite a few questions on this, and honestly this was a huge part of what inspired me to bring back my blog and create a platform to connect with you guys on a more intimate level. I love this housing process, and I’ve definitely learned SO MUCH already having this be the first go around and so I thought I could share a few tidbits, some common questions about it and maybe some things that would maybe help you as well.

Okay, so a quick rundown is that I have been living in an apartment since I went to college in 2014, and we are at nearly the end of 2020 and I have lived in an apartment or dorm style for the last six years. Where I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to do this and to have this luxury, I was getting sick of all the little things in apartments. 

  • One being throwing away tons of money down the drain essentially, meaning I’m not getting any investment or back end to the money I am paying monthly.
  • Also, I was SO over the different parking garages, and just not having a place that was specifically ours…or wondering about if we’re being too loud, and all the other different noises, sounds, and smells and uncontrollable environment and factors. 
  • And lastly on this, I will say one specific thing that has always rubbed me wrong is the inconvenience of grabbing your packages and wondering if you’re missing different documents, packaging, or waiting on pins and needles to hopefully get the alert that you have a package and then it mysteriously goes missing. Is that me or does that happen to a lot of other people who live in apartments too?!?

Anyways, let’s flash forward to around the beginning of quarantine Ryan and I have been on a long journey of figuring out what her next step would be when he finished his college basketball career. We have always been open to the idea of doing something different like traveling around, moving somewhere new, etc., and will get all into that later but we always knew we were hopefully one day going to settle down with our parents when we wanted to raise a family. 

However, being in a town that we have come to know and love, and have met so many incredible people we decided that it would be in our best interest to create a homebase for the next chapter of our lives here in Louisville, Kentucky. For those of you who don’t know, that is where both Ryan and I went to college and met each other through the basketball and dance world.

With the consistent hard work that I put into my Arbonne business, I have been able to put aside some money to put towards investment and now this first home of ours. I’m so excited, because I know it’s been such an incredible time for the housing market, and just some thing that we can call our own is huge. It has also been a goal of mine to begin investing while I am young, which is something i have learned quite a bit about in the last two plus years so if that’s of interest to you to hear more or learn more about the investment process or what the market looks like (I’m definitely still learning), but I’d love to share some more information with you if it could help you as well.

This entire process went from looking at apartments, to browsing around and setting up one little meeting here and there in different builders, complexes, neighborhoods, etc. and evolved into standing in front of the lot that says sold and I remember getting in the car at like it was yesterday looking at Ryan saying, “what the heck just happened?!”. Now I don’t want you guys to think that we are uneducated or made an extremely impulsive decision, if you know me I don’t think my personality could ever do such a thing lol.  We had been doing tons of research, and it just felt like it happened all so fast, there were incredible deals going on with Covid19, and it just felt so right that God was telling us that this is what we were meant to do as cliche as that may sound

Flash forward to September, we are now officially in the building process and are hoping (fingers crossed, please say all the good vibes and prayers our way) that we are in before the new year..I mean to be completely honest I just need that fresh start for a brand new year, brand new vibes, brand new intentions, in our beautiful new abode.

So in the grand scheme of things we are hoping to make this home our little spot, and next adventure. As of now, we don’t plan to be in it for more than 3 to 6 years on average…and then hopefully see where life takes us from there.

I would love for you guys to DM me, email me, or reply to this and tell me some different things you would like to hear about this adventure, because I will most likely see myself making this a series/section.

I will continue to share the process of the building process, and different things I have learned along the way, but then decor comes around watch out lol.  I will be sharing all my finds, hacks, dupes and ways that you can create if you’re interested or intune with my home decor style (which is definitely a huge huge huge passion of mine I seriously do it and all of my free time, I may be lame), && that is the rundown.

So to follow along on our first home adventures here by subscribing, and following my instagram and pinterest accounts below. Also, these are the hashtags i will be sure to use along the way too #firstabode #ourhouseadventures

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