Get Festive For The Holidays in Louisville, KY:

I feel like every single holiday season, so many fun events and activities pop up in and around the city of Louisville! If you are anything like my fiancé and I, we love doing all things festive (well me at least (;) to truly soak in this special magical time of the year!

So, I rounded the top things that I wanted to prioritize to find time to do this month! Let me know if you go and do any of these, and of course on the way grab a hot chocolate to make things even more merry and bright!

Click each photo to be directed to more information about the event or show!

  1. Lights Under Louisville

2. Miracle on Market St.

3. Winter Woods Spectacular

4. Fe te De Noel in Paristown

5. Nutcracker Ballet

6. Dog Pictures with Santa

7. Gardens AGlimmer

8. Rudolph’s Run

Okay, wow I am definitely in the Christmas and Holiday spirit after making this post! There are plenty of other awesome attractions, but these were the top ones that were recommended or stood out to me most! Enjoy this season, and be jolly!

&& thats the rundown!

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My Top 2021 Christmas Wish List:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! I am in love with this time of year, and all that it means & brings!

I know gift guides are everywhere right now, and I will absolutely make some for next weeks blog post, but for this week I thought I would share with you all a few of the top things I put on my Christmas list in case anyone is looking for inspiration!

Here are probably my top five (and a little random if I may add..I guess that’s just being 26)!

Bissell Green Machine; 

So if you’re here from my Instagram, you may have seen me borrow my friends Bissell Green Machine! We fell in love with it, and I decided I need that or the mop/sweeper version to have on hand for deeps clean of the furniture, rugs, chairs, spills, stains, etc.! Anyone over 23 I think would thoroughly enjoy this gift! Lol

Ultra Mini Ugg Boots;

I have been eyeing the Ultra Mini Ugg’s!! I made the silly mistake of throwing out my Ugg’s a few years ago, (WHY fml; I had so many), when they were so out of style…but now I’m in desperate need for a go to shoe in the winter!! Slip ons that are quick and casual to take Rin out, and to run errands!

Drew House Branded Hoodie;

Justin Bieber is my favorite, and so of course I want to rock his line of clothes, and I spend a lot of my time in hoodies and sweats so I know this would get amazing use!

Nike Blazer Mid Vintage; 

I have been wanting these shoes for SO long, and they never have my size in stock! It’s so frustrating, lol, because there have been so many times I have wanted to wear them with an outfit but no shoes physically to wear! So I’ll keep these on my list because I would love to get them whenever 7.5 comes back in stock!

Le Labo Perfume; 

I’ll thank my friend Arika for this one! I started loving Le Labo perfume a year or so ago, and have been using similar Sephora branded perfumes since then to make sure I liked the way they smelled on me! I would love to have this custom perfume, along side a more feminine smell in my bathroom to wear for different occasions! 

Okay so the list could go on and on and on, but those are some that came to my head right away! Happy shopping, and EARLY, because everything is taking so long 😉 


Ps; what is at the top of your lists this year? Let me be influenced and inspired…

&& thats the rundown!

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